Because in authenticity, I have found inspiration, strength and passion in leadership. And when you have these qualities, there is no longer reason for dominance and no longer room for complicity or silence.

Mackenzie P Lerario, MD, NYS-CRPA/CPS-p

                                                                                                  The Necktie in Professional Dress Codes: An Outdated Symbol of Masculine Oppression

My dad taught me many things. One lesson that remains with me to this day is the importance of a good necktie. “Power ties” he called them in my childhood, often citing the symbolic authority of the red necktie on Donald Trump, then a real estate mogul. In these moments, my dad reinforced a learned cultural value that masculinity represents strength, and that this messaging should be front and center in our leaders. At the time, I did not understand how personally significant this social cue was for me. Nor did I know the same man would later write historic executive actions as President which rolled back eras of progress for gender-expansive citizens of our country.


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