Greenburgh PRIDE Rally

Greenburgh Pride was launched on June 26, 2021, with a Pride Rally in Patriot’s Park.


Greenburgh Pride Co-chairs: Mackenzie Lerario, Lynn Goodman, Jennie Kogan

Community Needs Survey

Brave LGBTQIA2S+ speakers publicly spoke out on microaggressions, harassment, bullying, and assault all occurring in our hometown.

We wish to take back our town and make Greenburgh gayer! Fill out our Needs Assessment Survey to further demonstrate the need for more community resources and safe spaces.

Community Needs Assessment Survey

Letter to the Editor: The Hudson Independent


Moon Kissed playing the Rally

A Transformative Event

More than 200 LGBTQIA2S+ community members and allies gathered together to celebrate their queerness.

Rally attendees enjoyed live music and spoken word in transformative performances.

News12 Coverage



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